Uni life :)

Yes it's scary but i call it home now hahaha!

One of the events at Dataran Tunku Chancellor(correct kah?) a.k.a the university hall :)

My Sabah & Sarawak friends :) from left : Stanley, Duin, Erica

Education faculty students of the Third College :)

The closing ceremony for Orientation Week

A day out at Mid Valley :D purple fish can't wait to eat! haha! wait.. is that my finger on the bottom left? sigh... lousy cameraman :P

Same day at Mid Valley haha! Hui Wen's manggo ice-cream combo!

Sahur's cafe : the reason why many UM students are on the chubby side :)

Hui Wen, my secondary school friend!

can't remember the name of the place... but it's in Klang :D
People here eat bak kut teh in the morning? 
my goodness! the rice is cooked in santan! and the meat is sooooooo goood!!!
thanks FCC members for bringing me here! i hold you responsible for my weight gain! haha!

A closer view :D is your mouth watering yet??? haha!

Same day : shaved ice with manggo! i completely forgot to take the pic first, hence the half eaten delight :P

SS2!!!! the durian party is just beginning!!! mwahahahahaha!!!

The best durian i've ever tasted!!! Joshua holding the mountain king cat!!! hahahaha!!!
thanks boss for belanjaing us!!!

*This is the happy side of uni life... 

Dinner at TATU :D

                                        From left : Brenda, Mom, Beatrice, Me, Bryan, Dad  

My parents gave us all a BIG treat because i got accepted into university hahaha! We went to the Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel for dinner at a really beautiful restaurant called "Tatu" (don't ask me why they call it that lol!)
Anyway...  it was a buffet setting so there was plenty to choose from :) highlights included this really huge King Prawn (i think) as shown below hahaha! There was also some nice tuna sushi although my dad didn't like it as much as i did hahaha! Oh! the dessert spread was good but it wasn't attented the whole time huhuhu...

The King and I hahaha!


The long wait is finally over! Ever since i was 16, i've made up my mind to take up the teaching profession. Teaching , for me, is a very fulfilling career..

Hahahaha! i was soooo shocked when i found out that i got into Universiti Malaya! I'll be doing TESL(Teaching English as a Second Language) for 4 years. So, i must be careful with my English from now on hahaha! Tell me if i made any Englsih-related mistakes kay? hahaha! 



Welcome to my blog!

To be honest, i've always thought about blogging... however laziness and procrastination always seem to get the best of me! sigh... well... here i am FINALLY hahahaha!!!

Sally, thank you so much for helping me to get started and i'll try to be a good student hahaha!

Hmmm what should i do first.....